Electric-Up Grants


Non-reimbursable financing amounting to a maximum of 100,000 euros / beneficiary, representing a financial support of up to 100% of the eligible expenses. The amount necessary for the implementation of the program is a maximum of 476 million lei in the first financing cycle.


Eligible to participate in the program are SMEs and economic operators in the field of HoReCa, who meet, cumulatively, the eligibility conditions set out in the de minimis scheme which states:

a) in the case of economic operators legal entities in the field of HoReCa, carry out activities under CAEN codes 5510 – Hotels and other similar accommodation facilities, 5520 – Holiday and short-term accommodation facilities, 5530 – Caravan, camping and camping parks 5590 – Other accommodation, 5610 – Restaurants and other food service activities, 5621 – Event catering, 5629 – Other food activities, 5630 – Bars and other beverage service activities, nec, 9329 – Other recreational and fun activities nec according to the classification of activities in the national economy approved by Government Decision no. 656/1997, with subsequent amendments and completions;

b) has a contract for the supply of electricity in force for the point of consumption where it requests financing, with at least 12 consecutive months billed or an energy audit on the estimated consumption for 12 consecutive months or the corresponding period of seasonal activity, as appropriate;

c) has fulfilled the obligations to pay taxes, duties, contributions and fines to the state budget, local budgets according to the legal provisions in force;

d) has opened an account with the State Treasury; otherwise, the economic operator undertakes, in the event of its validation, to open this account no later than the date of conclusion of the financing agreement for settlement with the Authority;

e) is not covered by Law no. 85/2014 on insolvency prevention and insolvency procedures, as subsequently amended and supplemented, does not suspend / restrict economic activities or is not in similar situations; is not in the process of dissolution, liquidation, dissolution, closure, deregistration, including operational closure, is not under special administration; is not the subject of legal proceedings for the above-mentioned situations or for any other similar situation;

f) undertakes to draw up, through the chosen installer, all the technical documentation necessary for the installation of the photovoltaic panel system and recharging stations, respecting the legislation in force, the requirements of electricity distribution operators and all eligibility criteria required by the financing guide;

g) undertakes to install the photovoltaic panel system and recharging stations through the chosen installer, respecting the legislation in force and all eligibility criteria required by the financing guide;

h) the de minimis aid requested is not to be used for carrying out activities in one of the sectors provided for in Annex 1 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, in compliance with Regulation (EU) no. Commission Regulation (EC) No 1,407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid;

i) the total amount of de minimis aid from which the applicant has benefited for a period of 3 consecutive years (2 previous fiscal years and the fiscal year during which he submits a financing file), cumulated with the value of the financial allocation granted under the de minimis scheme, no exceeds the ceiling set by Regulation (EU) no. 1,407 / 2013, as well as the ceiling established by Regulation (EU) no. Commission Regulation (EC) No 360/2012 of 25 April 2012 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid granted to undertakings providing services of general economic interest – including for applicants holding the status of sole undertaking;

î) in the situation where the applicant has the quality of sole enterprise, as defined in art. 2 para. 2 of Regulation (EU) no. 1,407 / 2013 of the Commission of December 18, 2013, the total value of the de minimis aid will be calculated by summing the de minimis aid granted for a period of 3 consecutive years to the enterprises that are part of the sole enterprise.


1. The following shall be considered eligible expenditure:

a) the costs of acquiring the photovoltaic panel system installed with a minimum of 27kWp and a maximum of 100 kWp, having as main component parts: photovoltaic panels; inverter / inverters; connection equipment; assembly structure of the system; mode of communication; intelligent meters that measure the amount of energy produced by the installed photovoltaic panel system and that allow the collection and transmission of relevant data remotely, in electronic format; direct current / alternating current electrical panel;

b) the costs of acquiring at least one recharging station of at least 22 kW for plug-in hybrid electric and electric vehicles, with at least two charging points;

c) expenses for the design, obtaining the necessary approvals, installation and commissioning of the photovoltaic panel system and recharging stations, representing a maximum of 10% of the total eligible value of the project;

d) consulting and project management expenses of maximum 7% of the total eligible value of the project;

e) the expenses incurred for the construction and installation of the information panel;

f) the expenses incurred for the construction and installation of a warning / signaling system for the recharging station;

g) storage, maximum 30% of the value of the installed power of the photovoltaic panels, maximum 30% of the expenses with the acquisition of the storage system – optional.

2. Value added tax, VAT, is considered eligible if it is non-deductible.

3. Expenditure on connection to the electricity grid shall not be eligible for funding from the Program.

4. Only expenses incurred after the signing of the grant agreement shall be considered eligible, except for design, consultancy and project management expenses incurred up to a maximum of 30 days prior to enrollment in the program, as evidenced by the relevant documents.

Within the Program, an advance of up to 30% of the total approved eligible expenses may be granted, at the request of the beneficiary, according to H.G. no. 264/2003 on the establishment of actions and categories of expenditure, criteria, procedures and limits for making advance payments from public funds, with subsequent amendments and completions.

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