I.M.M. Investments


The value of the Financing

• Bucharest region: max. € 7,500,000;
• West and Ilfov region: max. € 26,250,000;
• Other regions: max. € 37,500,000;
• Financial allocation: 1,500,000,000 lei

Non-reimbursable financing

Regions North-West, Center, North-East, South-East, South-Muntenia, South-West Oltenia

Max. 50% • Own contribution min. 50%
West and Ilfov regions
Max. 35% • Own contribution min. 65%
Bucharest region
Max. 10% • Own contribution min. 90%

Eligibility of the applicant

Companies that meet cumulatively, at the date of completing the online business plan, the following eligibility criteria can benefit from the provisions of the state aid scheme:

  • are organized based on the Companies Law no. 31/1990, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions, or based on Law no. 1/2005 regarding the organization and functioning of the cooperation, republished;
  • are small and medium enterprises, hereinafter referred to as SMEs, according to Law no. 346/2004 on stimulating the establishment and development of small and medium enterprises, with subsequent amendments and completions;
  • have fully private share capital;
  • are registered at the trade register office, have their registered office / work point and carry out their activity on the Romanian territory;
  • the activity (CAEN code) for which it requests financing is eligible within the state aid scheme and authorized at the moment of submitting the request for a statement, according to art. 15 of Law no. 359/2004 regarding the simplification of the formalities at the registration in the trade register of natural persons, family associations and legal entities, their fiscal registration, as well as at the authorization of the functioning of legal entities, with the subsequent modifications and completions;
  • does not record outstanding debts to the general consolidated state budget, both for the registered office and for all working points;
  • is not in a state of dissolution, judicial reorganization, liquidation, enforcement, operational closure, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary suspension of activity;
  • have not been the subject of a decision of the European Commission or the territorial offices for small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperation, hereinafter referred to as OTIMMC, for the recovery of State aid or de minimis aid or, if they have been the subject of such a decision, the fully recovered receivable has already been executed, with the related interests calculated according to art. 15 para. (7) of this scheme;
  • does not fall into the category of “enterprises in difficulty” defined according to art. 2 para. (18) of the Regulation. Associates or shareholders controlling several undertakings may apply for State aid under this scheme only on behalf of one of them.

Eligible expenses

  • Constructions for carrying out the activity for which the financing was requested – the maximum value considered eligible in the case of tangible assets of the nature of constructions may not exceed 1,650 lei / sqm developed area, respectively the equivalent of 365 euro / sqm developed area;
  • Technological equipment, machines, machinery and work installations – provided in subgroups 2.1 and 2.2. of the Government Decision no. 2139/2004 for the approval of the Catalog regarding the classification and normal durations of operation of the fixed assets, with the subsequent completions and modifications;
  • Depreciable intangible assets associated with the initial investment that do not have a physical or financial materiality such as patents, licenses, know-how or other intellectual property rights.

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