Rural Non-Agricultural

Support for the establishment of non-agricultural activities in rural areas


50,000 euros (services)

70,000 euros (production, medical, sanitary-veterinary and agrotourism services)

Support will be provided in the form of a lump sum to finance new non-agricultural activities in rural areas on the basis of a business plan.


1. Farmers or members of an agricultural holding, who diversify their activity by setting up a non-agricultural activity in rural areas for the first time. Unauthorized individuals are not eligible;

2. Existing micro-enterprises and small enterprises in rural areas, which are engaged in non-agricultural activities, which they have not carried out until the date of application for support;

3. New micro-enterprises and small enterprises, established in the year of submission of the financing application or with a maximum age of 3 fiscal years, which did not carry out activities until the moment of its submission (start-ups).

Under this sub-measure, support will be provided to facilitate diversification through the establishment and development of micro and small enterprises in the non-agricultural sector in rural areas, with a view to sustainable economic development, job creation and poverty reduction in rural areas.

The registered office and the point (s) of work must be located in the rural area, and the activity will be carried out in the rural area.

The implementation of the project must start no later than 9 months from the date of the decision to grant support.

Before requesting the second payment installment, the applicant proves the development of commercial activities through marketed production or activities, at least 30% of the value of the first payment installment (the requirement will be verified when finalizing the implementation of the business plan) .


The amount of support is 50,000 euros / project, with the possibility of increasing the support to the value of 70,000 euros / project in the case of production activities, medical services, veterinary services and agrotourism. The non-reimbursable public support will comply with the provisions of R (EC) no. 1407/2013 regarding the de minimis support and will not exceed 200,000 euros / beneficiary for 3 fiscal years.

Support for the establishment of non-agricultural activities in rural areas will be granted, in the form of a premium, in two installments as follows:

– 70% of the amount of support for signing the financing decision;

– 30% of the amount of support will be granted depending on the correct implementation of the Business Plan, without exceeding five years from the signing of the Financing Decision.


Support shall be granted for activities intended to meet the objectives of the framework

Business Plan. All expenditure proposed in the Business Plan, including working capital and capitalization of the enterprise and activities relevant to the proper implementation of the approved Business Plan, may be eligible, regardless of their nature.

Ineligible costs:

Expenditure on the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment related to the activity of providing agricultural services in accordance with the Classification of Activities in the National Economy, as well as the production and marketing of Annex I products to the Treaty, are not eligible.

In order to avoid the financing of activities complementary to the core business, verifications of the CANE codes related to the activities for which funding is requested will be performed, as well as of the CANE codes of the core business of the enterprise. Clear and detailed procedures will be developed for effective control at all stages of implementation.


* Manufacturing activities (eg manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather goods, paper and paperboard; manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals; wood processing activities; metallurgical industry, manufacture of metal constructions, machinery and equipment; manufacture electrical and electronic products, biomass fuel production (eg pellet manufacturing) for the sale, production and use of energy from renewable sources for its own business, as an integral part of the project, etc .;

* Craft activities (eg handicrafts and other traditional non-agricultural activities (eg pottery, embroidery, manual processing of iron, wool, wood, leather, etc.);

* Tourist activities (eg: agrotourism accommodation services, leisure tourist services and public catering);

* Services (eg medical, social, veterinary; repair of machinery, tools, household goods; consultancy, accounting, legal, audit; information technology and information services; technical, administrative, other services for the rural population, etc.).

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