Urban Enterprises


  • 1,500,000 EURO and 6,000,000 EURO


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 45% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 55% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE


  • Medium-sized enterprises – 60% NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Small businesses – 70% REFUNDABLE

Only for investments in development regions:

– North East

– South East

– South Munteania

– South West Oltenia

– West

– Northwest

– Center


Eligible beneficiaries

Eligible applicants in this call for projects are SMEs in urban areas, or medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.

Eligibility criteria:

1. The applicant is a company or cooperative society which falls into the category of SMEs in urban areas, or medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.

2. Field of activity in which the investment is made: Regio finances investments only in the eligible fields of activity (CANE classes), as listed in Annex 2 to the Specific Guide.

3. The applicant has been active for at least one full fiscal year and has recorded an operating profit (> 0 lei) in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the financing application.

4. The applicant must fall into the category of:

– small enterprises – have less than 50 employees and achieve a net annual turnover or hold total assets of up to 10 million euros, equivalent in lei;

– medium-sized enterprises – have less than 250 employees and achieve a net annual turnover of up to 50 million euros, equivalent in lei, or hold total assets that do not exceed the equivalent in lei of 43 million euros.

Applicants who fall into the category of micro-enterprises are not eligible (they have less than 10 employees and have a net annual turnover or have total assets of up to 2 million euros, equivalent in lei).

5. The applicant has the financial capacity to insure own contribution to the eligible value of the project,
financing of ineligible project costs, where applicable and the financial resources necessary for the optimal implementation of the project under the conditions of the subsequent reimbursement of the eligible expenses from structural instruments.

6. The applicant and his legal representative do not fall within the exclusion situations set out in the Declaration of Eligibility

7. The place of implementation of the project is located in the urban environment (including villages belonging to cities) for SMEs or in rural areas for medium-sized enterprises.

8. In this call, no projects may be submitted for investments located in the Bucharest Ilfov development region.


Types of eligible investments:

The project proposed in the financing application must necessarily include investments in tangible assets (construction / extension / endowment with tangible assets). It is optional to include investments in intangible assets in the project.

Investments in tangible assets

– construction works, extension of the production / service spaces of the SMEs, including the related general utilities (water supply, sewerage, natural gas supply, thermal agent, electricity, PSI);

– the acquisition of technological equipment, machinery, work installations, furniture, computer equipment, office equipment, of the nature of fixed assets, respectively which are found in Subgroup 2.1. “Technological equipment (machines, machinery and work installations)”, Subgroup 2.2. “Measuring, checking and regulating apparatus and installations”, Class 2.3.6. “Equipment and installations for transporting and lifting”, or Group 3 “Furniture, office equipment, systems for the protection of human and material values ​​and other tangible assets” of Government Decision no. 2139/2004 for the approval of the Catalog on the classification and normal operating times of fixed assets, with subsequent amendments and completions and falling within the value limit related to fixed assets, established by the legal regulations in force at the date of submission of the application.

– the acquisition of specific installations / equipment in order to obtain an energy saving, as well as systems that use renewable (alternative) energy sources to streamline the activities for which it has requested financing. Renewable (alternative) energy sources: solar energy (used to produce heat or supply electricity through photovoltaic systems); wind energy; hydropower; biomass (biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas); geothermal energy.

Modernization works can only be considered eligible insofar as they relate to an initial investment proposed by the project.

Investments in intangible assets: patents, licenses, trademarks, software, other rights and similar assets used exclusively in the field of activity covered by the project. The eligible value of intangible assets may not exceed 20% of the eligible value of the tangible assets covered by the project. Intangible assets must also meet the following cumulative conditions:

-should be used exclusively in the receiving unit;

– they must be purchased under market conditions from third parties who are not connected with the buyer (aid beneficiary);

-must be included in the assets of the beneficiary company and must remain associated with the project for which the aid was granted for a period of at least three years from the date of the final payment under the project.

  • Other expenditure (financed by regional state aid)

Other expenses (financing the organization of the site: construction works and installations related to the organization of the site, expenses related to the organization of the site;

-miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses – are considered eligible if they are properly detailed by supporting documents and only within the limit of 10% of the eligible amount of eligible expenses. Miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses will be used in accordance with the legislation in the field of public procurement which refers to the contractual changes that occurred during the execution.

Non-deductible value added tax under national tax law and irrecoverable related to eligible expenditure is eligible.

The following categories of expenditure are ineligible under this call for projects:

a. the expenses provided in art. 13 of GD. Nr. 399/2015 on the eligibility rules for expenditure incurred in operations financed by ERDF, ESF, CF 2014-2020

b. purchase of land and / or buildings,

c. operating, operating, testing and maintenance costs

d. administrative costs (management costs that cannot be associated with production or sales – eg salaries of general administrative staff; rents and repairs of fixed assets of general interest in administration; energy, fuel and other similar consumptions; administrative – household expenses; other expenses general administration)

e. staff costs

f. financial expenses, respectively insurance premiums, taxes, commissions, rate and interest related to loans,

g. contribution in kind

h. depreciation

i. the leasing expenses provided in art. 9 of GD no. 399/2015

j. expenditure on the purchase of motor vehicles and means of transport, as classified in Subgroup 2.3. “Means of transport” of GD 2139/2004, regardless of the field of activity of the applicant or the field of activity in which it is desired to make the investment proposed by the project, except for Class 2.3.6. “Equipment and installations for transporting and lifting”

k. Expenses with the elaboration of pre-feasibility studies, of feasibility studies, of the documentation for approving the intervention works, of the technical project.

l. Expenditure incurred before the date of submission of the grant application, except for those relating to Chapter 3 “Design and technical assistance expenditure” above.

  • Projects that include only investments in intangible assets or modernization works are not eligible.
  • Projects that include start-up investments (i.e. the execution of construction works or a firm order for goods) have not been eligible before the application for funding is eligible.
  • Investments that consist exclusively of carrying out construction works that are not subject to authorization, according to the law, are not eligible.

Areas of activity:

The eligibility of an activity is not equivalent to the eligibility of the expenses incurred for carrying out that activity.

An investment may target one or more CANE classes (codes), provided that they relate to the same activity / production flow.

The period of realization of the project activities after the signing of the financing contract can be extended, but not later than 31.12.2023.

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