URBAN Micro-Enterprises


25,000 and 200,000 EURO

Eligible beneficiaries

Eligible applicants in this call for projects are companies or cooperatives that fall into the category of micro-enterprises.

Eligibility criteria:

The applicant is a company [1] or a cooperative society [2] which falls into the category of micro-enterprises

The field of activity in which the investment is made

The applicant has been active for at least one full fiscal year, has not been temporarily suspended at any time in the current year of the application for financing and in the previous fiscal year and has made a profit from operating (> 0 lei) in the fiscal year before the submission application for funding

a) The applicant registered an average number of employees of at least 1, in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the funding application

b) The applicant has at least one full-time employee for an indefinite period, at the date of submission of the application for funding

5. The applicant has the financial capacity to insure

  • own contribution of at least 10.00% of the eligible value of the project,
  • financing of ineligible project costs, where applicable and
  • the financial resources necessary for the optimal implementation of the project under the conditions of the subsequent reimbursement of the eligible expenses from structural instruments.

6. The applicant and his legal representative do not fall into the situations of exclusion set out in the Declaration of Eligibility

7. Place of implementation of the project

a. The place of implementation of the project is located in the urban environment, in the development region where the financing application was submitted (North East, South East, South West Oltenia, West, Center).

b. When submitting the funding application, the applicant must already have the place of implementation of the project registered as the main or secondary office (working point), according to the ORC certificate.

c. The applicant holds one of the following rights (property right, concession or surface) over the building (land and / or buildings), at the time of submitting the financing application and during the evaluation, selection and contracting period.

Types of eligible investments

The program finances only certain types of investments, which lead to the development of the micro-enterprise:

a. Investments in tangible assets

  • construction / extension / modernization works of the production spaces / provision of services of the micro-enterprises, including the related general utilities (water supply, sewerage, natural gas supply, thermal agent, electricity, PSI);
  • acquisition of technological equipment, machinery, work installations, furniture, computer equipment, office equipment, of the nature of fixed assets, respectively which are found in Subgroup 2.1. “Technological equipment (machines, machinery and work equipment)”, Subgroup 2.2. “Measuring, checking or regulating apparatus and installations”, Class 2.3.6. “Equipment and installations for transport and lifting”, or Group 3 “Furniture, office equipment, systems for the protection of human and material values ​​and other tangible assets” of Government Decision no. 2139/2004 for the approval of the Catalog on the classification and normal operating times of fixed assets, with subsequent amendments and completions and falling within the value limit related to fixed assets, established by the legal regulations in force at the date of submission of the application.
  • the acquisition of specific facilities / equipment in order to achieve energy savings, as well as systems that use renewable (alternative) energy sources to streamline the activities for which it has applied for funding, up to 15% of the eligible value of the projectRenewable (alternative) energy sources. energy: solar energy (used to produce heat or to supply electricity through photovoltaic systems); wind energy; hydropower; biomass (biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas); geothermal energy.

b. Investments in intangible assets: patents, licenses, trademarks, software, other rights and similar assets

c. Investments in the development of online marketing tools for the applicant’s own services / products. These tools aim to create an e-shop in which various e-commerce-specific functionalities are implemented: publishing article catalogs, prices and stocks, taking orders, electronic payment tools,

Projects that include only investments such as those mentioned in points a. Are not eligible. . and / or c. above and / or the execution of construction works that are not subject to authorization, according to the law.

Projects that include start-up investments (i.e. the execution of construction works or a firm order for goods) have not been eligible before the financing contract is signed.

The following categories of expenditure are ineligible under this call for projects:

  • Expenditures for the purchase of goods that, according to the law, fall into the category of inventory items are not eligible.
  1. the expenses provided in art. 13 of GD. Nr. 399/2015 on the rules for eligibility of expenditure incurred in the case of operations financed by the ERDF, ESF, CF 2014-2020
  2. purchase of land and / or buildings,
  3. operational, operating, testing and maintenance costs
  4. administrative costs (management costs that cannot be associated with production or sales – eg salaries of general administrative staff; rents
  5. and repairs of fixed assets of general interest in administration; energy, fuel and other similar consumption; administrative and household expenses; other general expenses of administration)
  6. staff costs
  7. financial expenses, namely insurance premiums, taxes, commissions, interest rates and interest on loans,
  8. contribution in kind
  9. depreciation
  10. the leasing expenses provided in art. 9 of GD no. 399/2015
  11. expenditure on the purchase of motor vehicles and means of transport, as classified in Subgroup 2.3. “Means of transport” of GD 2139/2004, regardless of the field of activity of the applicant or the field of activity in which it is desired to make the investment proposed by the project, except for Class 2.3.6. “Equipment and installations for transport and lifting”
  12. Expenditures for the elaboration of pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, documentation for approving intervention works
  13. Expenditure incurred before signing the project financing contract, except for Chapter 3 “Design and technical assistance expenditure” above


Areas of activity:

The investment proposed by the project must cover a single field of activity (CAEN class). If the investment involves the purchase of equipment, technological equipment, etc., which, by its nature and functions, can be exploited in the development of adjacent activities, belonging to distinct / adjacent areas of activity, the CANE class covered by the project is represented by the “main domain”, respectively the domain in which the respective good is mainly used.

[1] Constituted based on Law no. 31/1990 regarding the companies, republished, with the subsequent completions and modifications

[2] Constituted based on Law no. 1/2005 regarding the organization and functioning of the cooperation, republished, with the subsequent completions and modifications

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